GPO Group

GPO is a multidisciplinary business group based in Europe and America: GPO Ingeniería y Arquitectura and GPO Sistemas in Spain, Sam Schwartz Consulting in the USA, GPO Sistran Engenharia in Brazil, GPO Colombia and GPO Peru.

We are a multi-sector engineering company with global presence that renders planning, design, construction and operational services in the transportation, building, automotive, energy and environmental industries. We have a portfolio of projects developed in more than 20 countries.

As a group that is committed to progress, we are interested in contributing to the improvement of the countries where we operate. Our philosophy is based on the fact that design and construction are inseparable, and that applying deep knowledge to each of these aspects is fundamental to the success of any project.


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GPO is an engineering and architecture consultant that offers planning, design and construction management within the transportation, building, energy and environmental markets.

GPO renders services to public agencies and private companies. Headquartered in Barcelona, the company also has offices in Madrid.

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid

GPO Ingeniería de Sistemas S.L. is a consulting engineering firm specialized in railway infrastructure, rolling stock, transportation organization and the means and methods of operations and maintenance.

Starting in May of 2014, GPO Group is providing engineering expertise for facilities that serve railway transportation. Founded in 2005, GPO Sistemas focused on adding value to the field of transportation facilities and railways. We offer comprehensive services, such as feasibility studies, engineering design/development, inspection and control, integration and commissioning, operations and maintenance with total commitment to meeting the issues and needs of our clients.

GPO Sistemas services range from the study and design of infrastructure or technical assistance to railway equipment or installation.

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona


GPO Sistran Engenharia Engenharia provides consulting services in planning, design and project management in the transportation area. Our vast expertise helps us supply both the public and private sectors. We have a team of over 100 highly qualified professionals, who work with technical rigor and use the most innovative techniques, thereby guaranteeing the quality of our services.

  • São Paulo


Sam Schwartz Consulting, LLC (SCC), is a leading traffic and transportation planning and engineering firm known for its ability to solve highly complex problems quickly. Through technical expertise, creative visioning and consensus-building, SSC solves highly complex traffic and transportation challenges for government, private-sector, not-for-profit and community clients all over the world.

In August 2015, GPO Group entered into a partnership with SSC by acquiring a membership interest in the firm. Headquartered in New York and with offices in New Jersey, Washington DC, Illinois, Florida and California, SSC allows GPO Group to have a nationwide presence in the US to support our clients’ activities in North America. In addition to reinforcing all the services provided by GPO worldwide, SSC brings to our group a unique and innovative set of additional services such as shared mobility and active transportation.

Sam Schwartz
Jeffrey Trim
Joan Verbón
Erich Arcement
  • New York
  • Washington D.C.
  • Chicago - Downtown
  • Chicago - Itasca
  • Los Angeles
  • Newark
  • Tampa


GPO Perú is a consulting company specialized in transportation infrastructure, architecture and the environment. As the Peruvian Subsidiary of GPO Group, its business interest lies in Peru. GPO Perú offers its clients overall advisory and consultancy services in the development of a wide range of engineering projects, from planning and design to construction supervision, or end-to-end project management. GPO Perú relies on the wealth of experience GPO Group has gathered over 25 years while carrying out projects in more than 15 countries. The GPO portfolio is especially focused on road and railway infrastructure, as well as on buildings for public use.

  • Lima


GPO activity in Colombia focuses on transportation infrastructure, architecture and environment. We offer a comprehensive service of advice and consultancy in the development of all types of engineering projects, from planning and design to construction supervision or comprehensive project management. GPO has an experience of over 25 years in the development of projects in over 15 countries, highlighting an important curriculum road and rail infrastructure and in building public use.

  • Bogota